Buena Vista Valley Bulk Land ~ SOLD

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Listing Price: SOLD

Location: Mill City, Pershing County, Nevada

Acreage: 10,249 Acres

Buena Vista Valley Bulk Land was originally priced at $2,820,000 but is now offered for $1,995,000.

The Buena Vista Valley has checker-boarded sections that are either private or BLM-owned. The property contains several springs on Spaulding Canyon.

Mineral rights are available with approximately 3,734 deeded acres and approximately 8,640 acres of BLM land.

There is wind energy potential in 3 sections of this large acreage property. All sections are in Wind Zone 9 and there is an electricity generation potential.

Buena Vista Valley has higher quality bulk land and is located close to I-80 at Mill City, NV.

There is also the possibility of purchasing water rights in the Buena Vista basin which would allow some of the land be put into production.

The opportunity for leasing of winter cattle grazing brings in a minimum of $30,000 per year.