Three Northern Nevada Livestock Ranches

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Listing Price: $3,200,000

Location: Eureka & Austin, NV

7,100 AUM’s – Sheep & Cattle

Torre Creek Ranch- Cattle & Sheep Operation, Located 5 miles NW of Eureka NV.
1,800 deeded acres, base property in Diamond Valley.
220 acres of flood irrigated pasture,
Upland range land & springs, stockwater permits and rights to springs, creeks, and ponds. Headquarter home, 3 bd, 2 bath on 1 acre located near the ranch.

Black Point BLM Grazing Allotment, 4,313 AUM’s on approx. 60,000 acres Sheep AUM’s, 2,097 (1,751 sheep/6 months) from 5/01 – 10/31
Cattle AUM’s, 2,216 (318 cattle/7 months) from 5/01 – 11/30, corrals. Water Rights, 31 vested/permitted water rights, irrigation and stock water.

Arambel Ranch-Sheep operation, 80 deeded acre base property located in Diamond Valley with no improvements, operated from the Torre Creek Ranch headquarters.
BLM Grazing Allotment -1,349 Sheep AUM’s on 45,500 acres. Summer use, 6 1/2 months, 4/15 to 10/31. Spring and Summer grazing for 951 head of Sheep.

Excellent range water rights throughout the allotment.

Underwood Ranch- Cattle Operation, 160 deeded acres located 35 miles NE of Austin, NV. 80 acres fenced, 2 – 40 acre parcels in mountains not fenced.
BLM Grazing Allotment, 1,462 AUM’s, approximately 20,000 acres, winter use 6 months for 243 cows.

5 springs, 3 with water rights, 48 acres with water rights for flood irrigated pasture. Minimal improvements include a single wide mobile home 1991 Nashua, 770 sq.ft.

Overview- The three ranches together can run approx. 300 head of cattle year round and approximately 2,702 sheep for 6 months (5/1 – 10/31). All 3 ranches are in good working condition; fencing, corrals, all water rights and grazing permits are in order. All 3 ranches have minimal or basic improvements that don’t require a lot of maintenance. The Torre Creek and Arambel Sheep Operations are currently leased to Rafter 7 Merinos, a premier sheep company focusing on improving Merino wool products providing lease income of approximately $45,000. annually. This is a rare opportunity for an owner/operator or an investor to own 3 Northern Nevada Ranches. The ranches are not contiguous but close enough to work well together!

All 3 Ranches are offered in a bulk sale at $3,200,000. Contact Far West for additional information.