Income Generating Land Northern Nevada ~ SOLD

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Listing Price: SOLD

Location: Pershing & Humboldt Counties

Acreage: 680 Total Acres Including 11% ROI on 480 Acres

Developer is offering 680 acres in a portfolio sale with 480 acres already sold to third-party buyers under seasoned contracts producing $2,150 per month income ($25,800 annually) for approx. 13 years. The remaining 200 acres has been surveyed and subdivided with recorded maps; One (1) parcel is 80 acres in Humboldt County, and three (3) parcels are 40 acres each in Pershing County.

The purchase price includes not only the 200 acres but also $233,488 worth of seasoned contracts on the 480 acres sold to 3rd parties. The total approximate income over the life of the contracts is $335,400.

The remaining 200 acres that are not under contract, consist of one (1) 80 acre parcel located approximately an hour northwest of Winnemucca in Humboldt County and three (3) 40 acre parcels located in Packard Valley, Pershing County, approximately 20 minutes south of Lovelock. These parcels are available to sell at a minimum of $400 per acre or could be kept as personal real estate holdings.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone wanting to invest in the land business! It is a good investment in rural Nevada land with an existing portfolio income producing an 11% return on investment!

The entire portfolio which includes 680 total acres and the existing contracts on 480 acres, is offered for sale at $229,900.