Lucio Hay Farms

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Listing Price: $3,225,000

Location: Antelope Valley, Lander County, NV

Acreage: 1,200 Deeded Acres

The Lucio Hay Farms consist of three separate farm properties within six miles of each other, named here as Farm 1, Farm 2 and Farm 3. The Antelope Valley farm properties are situated at an elevation of approximately 4,970 ft. The farms are located 85 miles southwest of Battle Mountain, Nevada in Antelope Valley. From I-80 in Battle Mountain if you take Highway 305 southwest for approximately 64 miles; turn west on to Antelope Road; and travel 21 miles you will arrive at Farm 1. Farm 2 is located five miles east of Farm 1 and Farm 3 is located six miles northeast of Farm 1.

Farm 1 consists of 320 acres. The farmstead is on approximately 6 acres and includes a pre-fab home, a storage shed and two quonset sheds. There are three wells and a hay storage area, as well as an older shop/storage shed. There are 269 acres of water-righted acres with only 241 acres currently being irrigated. Irrigation is from three wells located on the property and two seven-tower Zimmatic center pivots. There is an additional 27.75 acres of land with water rights that are not being used and 45 acres of dry pasture corners of center pivots that have water rights. Average production on Farm 1 is 5.5 to 6.5 tons of alfalfa per acre/year.

Farm 2 consists of 320 acres and the perimeter is fully fenced. The farmstead is on approximately 4 acres and includes a pre -fab home, a chicken coop, a storage shed, and several corrals. Cropland under production consists of 134.73 acres irrigated from two wells on the property, with one seven-tower Zimmatic center pivot. There is a total of 290.81 water-righted acres; however only 134.75 acres are being irrigated with the remaining 156 acres of water-righted acreage not being used. Average production of alfalfa on this farm is between 5.2 and 5.5 tons per acre/year.

Farm 3 consists of 560 acres with perimeter fencing and some cross fencing. The farmstead is on approximately 6 acres and includes a home, a carport/studio apartment, a quonset shop, and a hay shed. 462.24 acres are being irrigated from four wells on the property with three seven-tower Pierce pivots and one Pierce wiper pivot. There is a total of 462.24 water righted acres currently in production. There is 91.76 acres of dry pasture pivot corners. Average production of alfalfa on this farm is between 5 to 5.5 tons per acre/year.

In total, there is approximately 838 acres of farm ground in production, 184 acres of additional water righted acres and approximately 162 acres of dry pasture. There are modest homes and outbuildings on all three of the farms, all in fair to good condition.

Well information is available upon request.